Overview Edit

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The tusk is arguably the most importan part of the narwhal, as it's only available weapon. It's ability to kill allows for evolution, the main focus of the game. It has multiple stages before reaching it's last stage.


Upgrades Edit

The multiple upgrades cause the tusk to grow in length, and maxes after 4 or 5 upgrades are obtained. This makes it much more lethal, allowing for more than one narwhal to be slain at once.

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The kebab stage of the tusk, the maximum upgrade.

The kebab is the last stage of the tusk, the only notable difference when it comes to appearance. It includes a tomato, jalapeno, cheese, and ham. Once you get to 200, you can get 2 tusks. Unfortunately no one ever did it so there are no pictures.

Trivia Edit

  • The tusk on the narwhal in the logo has a much larger tusk than usual, being the length of the kebab, but with nothing on it.